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In September we spent two weeks in Italy with our friends Linda and Frank Mauro, one week in Amalfi and one week in Florence.  Using Amalfi as a base, we visited Pompei, Positano, Paestum, Sorrento and a buffalo mozzarella farm (we ate a LOT of mozzarella).  From Florence, we visited Greve (in the chianti wine region), Fiesole, San Gimignano and a wine tasting and 4 course lunch at a castle (really more like a big house).  We also met Eileen's cousin Lois and husband Tom (who happened to be in Florence at the same time) for dinner, took a cooking class and visited a basilica, a cathedral, a US WWII  cemetary, a museum, a cloister ...

It was a pretty busy two weeks but the food, weather and people very very nice.

Basilica di Santa Croce

In July, we spent our family vacation in Kentucky near, and on, Lake Cumberland.  We spent the first three days in a cabin (actually a 6 bedroom house) and the last four days on a houseboat.   Eileen's brother George, his wife Kyle and son Drey joined us,  The kids spent most of their time in the water on inflatable doughnuts, hamburgers, pretzel...

In June we took a trip to Russia, spending 3 days in Moscow, 7 days on a river boat on the Volga and other rivers and lakes from Moscow to St Peterdburg and then 3 days in St Petersburg.  We learned a lot.  For example, a kremlin in Russia is analagous to a walled city in Europe; the Moscow Kremlin contains 3 churches.  Also, Red Square has nothing to do with the Soviets but rather is the Russian term for a beautiful square,  The people we met were very open and friendly.  We had a great time.

In April, we went on a National Geographic trip to the Amazon basin in Peru.  It was very hot and humid but the boat was air conditioned  and very comfortable with good food & wine, very helpful naturalists and very friendly people (total of 27).  Most days started on skiffs looking for wildlife at 6:00 AM, breakfast around 7:30 then back out to look for more wildlife or taking a hike through the rainforest/jungle (the naturalists called it both) or visiting a village to get a feel how people lived.   We were frequently hot and wet (sweat and/or rain) but got some great photos of birds, monkeys, sloths....  It was a great week. 

In February, we spent two weeks in a condo on St Thomas, US Virgin Islands.  The weather was almost perfect - Sunny, mid 80's, low humidity with a very nice onshore breeze.  It was a very relaxing time.