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In January we spent two weeks in a cottage on Nevis, a small island ESE of the Virgin Islands.  It's pretty low key with donkeys, goats, sheep and chickens running loose on island.  It had some very nice beaches, good food and relatively friendly people.  As usual, we had a good time.

In May, we spent two weeks in France.  The first week we were in Alsace , a beautiful region in the east of France bordering Germany and Switzerland; the apartment we rented for the week was about 10 miles from the point where the three countries meet.   It has spent time as part of Germany or France, depending upon which country won the most recent war.  It has a lot of old walled cities, beautiful old buildings (our apartment was in the "new" part of the building - built about 1740) and very friendly people.  They eat like Germans (a lot of food) and drink wine like French - a nice combination.

For our second week, we took a riverboat (AMALyra) from Paris to Normandy and back to Paris.  We like riverboats because you see a lot of a country (or countries), you meet some pretty great people (as we did) and you only have to unpack and repack once.  Along the Seine, we visited some picturesque towns and villages, Richard the Lionheart's castle, Monet's home and gardens (Giverny), the chateau Josephine bought for Napoleon (Château de Malmaison),  a number of cathedrals, Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery and Memorial in Normandy.  It was a great trip.

In June, we spent our family vacation on Captiva Island.  The house had a lot of room and a pool and was less than a 5 minute walk to a great beach and a number of restaurants.  I think everybody had a pretty good time.

In July we went on  a National Geographic trip to Iceland.  Before 2000, the 380,000 inhabitants would see less than 80,000 tourists a year.  By 2010 the number of tourists had grown to just under 500,000 and by 2017, the number was 2.2 million.  Luckily, most tourists stay in or near Reykjavik and NatGeo travels around the coast and visits some islands off the coast so, except for a couple of sites, we (148 on the ship) were pretty much by ourselves.

The island is beautiful but sparsely settled.  It's a volcanic island that has a lot of active geothermal areas that are used to generate electricity and heat homes.  With global warming, the glaciers are retreating but still cover over 10% of the land.  The blend of glaciers and volcanic activity makes for some very interesting sights.  It was a really great 10 days.

Pseudocraters around Lake Myvatn